Cohen Consulting Group – Your Virtual Controller

Business Nightmares Making it Tough to Sleep?

  • Are you working your tail off running your business while managing your bookkeeping in your spare time?
  • Is your business a cash-eating machine?
  • Are you having difficulty collecting your receivables, paying your bills or just plain managing your cash flow?
  • Do you have bookkeeping help but aren’t getting the information you need to run your business better?
  • Worse yet, did you hire a bookkeeper and end up with a disaster?
  • Does your CPA have to spend so much time cleaning up your QuickBooks® file that there’s nothing left in your budget for planning tax strategies?

Solutions for Business Growth & Personal Freedom

All businesses can benefit greatly from having a Controller on staff. However, it’s not always a financial option for small businesses. At Cohen Consulting Group, we partner with you and your bookkeeping staff to provide timely and accurate financial information to help you manage your business. For a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time controller, we can provide crucial insight to your decision making process to help grow your business to its full potential. With a talented Controller you can focus on critical areas of your business such as marketing, sales, and client fulfillment.

Profit First

How great would it be to have cash in your bank account when it’s time to purchase a new piece of equipment, expand your business or pay your taxes? It can be a reality with a cash management system called Profit First. Business author Mike Michalowicz developed this system and is working with us to empower our clients with this powerful process. Our team of Profit First Professionals is one of a select few firms nationwide that have been certified to help transform any business from a cash-eating monster to a money-making machine with this cash management practice. Mike Michalowicz has graciously authorized us to share the core concepts with you. Click here to get the core concepts from his masterpiece book Profit First.